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Monday, October 25, 2010

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity...PLEASE HELP

A couple of weeks ago I submitted a video for the Hamburger Helper Most Passionate Fan contest. The contest is running in conjunction with the NASCAR's Most Popular Driver fan vote. Five finalists were chosen from all of the entries submitted; I made the top five!

From Monday October 25 through 11:59pm Monday November 8 there is a live fan vote being held at http://bit/ly/9ddRfp I am Video #1. Unfortunately, the administrators were concerned about whether my shirt could be considered offensive, so they blurred it. The video ending makes a lot more sense with the shirt viewable. On the upside...THAT'S WHY I HAVE A BLOG! I can post anything I want :) So here it is, t-shirt intact, bringing NASCAR fans and INDYCar fans together for 29.5 seconds.

If the "Milka" reference didn't make sense to you, check here:

Welcome to how I have single-handedly brought NASCAR and INDYCar together....okay, maybe not. But it IS funny! So, WHY am I enjoying the heck out of being silly for everyone on the Internet to see?

The Video (Video#1, that's me!!!) with the most votes at the end of the voting period (November 8th at 11:59pm) wins a three-night stay at the Wynn Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, baby. DURING NASCAR Champions Week! AND gets to help award the NASCAR's Most Popular Driver Award!!! Registering at the site will take less than a minute for most people, and a daily vote will take all of 15 seconds. Probably will take long for the page to load on your computer screen than it will for you to actually vote! Hint: Choose the "Save Password" option and you shouldn't have to login again during the contest period. So what are you waiting for???? Please, go to http://bit/ly/9ddRfp and *Vote Video #1 for AMY*


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