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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why is LeBron and his choice such a big deal?

I don't know how many times I have heard the question from NASCAR fans. "Why is this such a big deal?" or  "Who cares where LeBron goes?". So maybe if you are not a basketball fan it doesn't matter a bit where LeBron decides to play. To basketball fans it matters. A lot. Let's put it into perspective.

Is it a big deal trying to figure out where Kasey Kahne and Mark Martin are going to race next year? Hell yes it is! When "Kasey Kahne to Hendrick Motorsports", in quotes, is entered into Google I receive 2,610 results. Searching Kasey Kahne + Hendrick Motorsports gets me 91,000 results to browse. News came this morning from Randy Pemberton, brother of Red Bull Racing Crew Chief Ryan Pemberton, that Mark Martin will be racing for Team Red Bull in 2011. Randy said this on SPEED this morning; there are around 20 web search results that are directly related to the rumor at this point. Do you think NBA fans care where those two fine men race in 2011? Nope.

How about when Dale Earnhardt Jr was leaving DEI? A search for "Dale Jr to leave DEI" returned 266 search results on Google. The same search without quotes returned over 21,000 results. It was a huge deal. There was a televised announcement of his switch to Hendrick (I watched it), shirts were made commemorating the date (I have one), and there wasn't a NASCAR fan, Dale Jr fan or not, who didn't have an opinion on where Dale Jr would end up in 2008. Did NBA fans care one way or the other? Negative.

A search for "Tony Stewart to leave JGR" returned more than 1,700 results. Searching for "Kasey Kahne to join Hendrick Motorsports" gives almost 2,000 results. NASCAR fans love our drivers and love the news on where our drivers may or may not go, don't we?

"LeBron to leave Cavs" brings in 82 results. "LeBron to leave Cavaliers" returns just three results, "LeBron leavings Cavaliers" only six. I finally typed in "LeBron free agent" + 2010 and hit the jackpot; with that phrase in quotes I received 178,000 results. NBA love their players and want to know what teams the players are moving to. Just like we NASCAR fans need to know about our drivers and who they will be driving for.

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  1. I never really followed basketball. I just recently started following a little bit of Red sox baseball for the last three years, so Thank you Amy for getting me up to speed on what the big deal is all about :)