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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Job Search

I remember in the early to mid 1990s job searching involved walking into wherever it was I wanted to work, talking to the manager for a few minutes, and *poof* I had a job. Jobs were plentiful. Today is a different story. The job market is at a low, especially in non-metropolitan areas. I have an Associates of Arts in Business and am in my final year for a Bachelors in Organizational Security & Management and I'm working in a just-over-minimum wage job. Part-time. At a tobacco retailer. *sigh*

Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the job I have. My part-time no-chance-for-advancement position within a family owned business (I am not part of the family, btw...) is more than many people have right now in my area, and in the United States. I am glad to have a paycheck. Unfortunately, my current paycheck isn't enough.

A year ago I was only applying for positions in my immediate area, i.e. within 10 miles. I went through a couple months where I was applying to any point south of Indiana...Missouri, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Tennessee. Then my 13 year old son made it absolutely clear that my life would be more of a living hell if I move him away from here right now than it would be if I stay through another winter. Major relocation? Out, for the time being *sigh*. At this point I am applying for anything that is a reasonable fit for my interests, experience, and education within an hour and a half drive.

So, today was a typical Monday. I got up, got online, and started at Two resumes sent to reasonably fitting positions within an hours drive from home. Next stop, Seven resumes sent....five of them were for positions I feel I am qualified for. Never hurts to stretch oneself, right? Final job hunting stop of the day was the nearest decent newspaper. I found three more ads to respond to there, two of which I am qualified for. 12 resumes sent, nine of which I believe are reasonably fitting. Not a bad Monday, I suppose.

Now I wait...and hope that someone is suitably impressed enough by my attributes, education, experience, and writing ability to call me in for an interview. There was a position for Internet Marketing at a Motorcycle retailer that I think I would love. A mix of business, sales, marketing, and management; the position would also allow me to expand the organization's advertising and marketing endeavors to include social media, an outlet that I think many organizations overlook. Considering I have my Mx endorsement, did a partial rebuild on a 1982 Kawi, have a retail background, management experience, college level training in marketing and business, and have proven success as a salesperson I am sure I am qualified and I think the organization would be lucky to have me.

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